Notice From the Principal Desk

Notice From the Principal Desk

Dear Parents

Greetings from Karunya Christian School.

Our sincere thanks to you for supporting us in all our endeavors. Your words of appreciation keep us motivated during these challenging times.

We are working diligently to improve every student's academic achievements and co-curricular skills as we want every child to have the tools necessary to be successful in their future pursuits.

The meticulously planned academic and co-curricular planner for the year 2021-22 is being attached herewith. We have including the detailed schedules of assessments, competitions; inter school fests and celebrations for easy understanding of the planner. To encourage the students e-certificates, medals and appreciation letters will be issued appropriately.

Parents are requested to further extend their support in preparing your wards well in advance for the periodic assessments and terminal examinations and encouraging them to participate actively in the co-curricular events as Karunya Christian School's vision is the holistic development of every student placed in its care.

I am glad to inform you that the School infrastructure has been upgraded as presented in the video shared to you on 7th June 2021, (the reopening day) by shifting to a refurbished building that includes state of the art library, laboratories among many others and an overall student friendly ambience. We are looking forward to welcome the students to experience the facilities provided.

With regards,


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